Hi! This is Reese; the founder of 137acorns. Right now, I am here to tell you about why I started this organization. So, let’s start digging!

First off; we need to start recognizing trees. Trees are a wonderful gift and privilege that God gave to us. They let us have more oxygen, more homes for forest animals, & shady areas. Speaking of forest animals; did you know over 70% of Earth’s land animals live in trees? See…we need trees. Trees play an extremely important role for everyone’s day to day life! My point is to not cut down trees when you feel the urge for paper, wood, and so much more.Β I started this foundation to raise awareness for trees. Because people are killing many living organisms just so they’re satisfied. I may not sound reasonable or possibly even be in the right mindset to you, but I still want to try.Β 

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